Glossary of 101 Terms of The National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education of Armenia

During the development and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education of Armenia (NQFA) there was a necessity for proper definition and clear explanation of the main concepts and terms relating the NQFA. This glossary aims to solve the mentioned problem which includes the main concepts relating the NQFA and their interpretations. It is designed to make those concepts as conceivable as possible to the teaching and administrative staffs of HEIs, relevant state and public bodies and other NQFA stakeholders. The glossary contains not only the terms used in the NQFA…continue reading →

Concept Paper on Functionalities of the Body in Charge of Implementation of National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education of Armenia

According to the suggestion of the RA MoES the Concept Paper on the functionalities of the body/structure in charge of the enforcement of higher education qualification framework within the frame of “ARMENQA” Project was developed. The aim of activity, main objectives and the implementation functions of each of them are defined in the Concept Paper. The Concept Paper was presented to the consideration of the RA MoEs in 2016. The main goal of the Concept Paper of the body/structure in charge of the RA higher education NQF enforcement is the creation of a methodological and regulatory basis for its proper functioning.…continue reading →

Self-Certification Report of the National Qualifications Framework of Armenia

According to one of the objectives of the Project to draft the self-certification report on the NQFA HE a Working Group has been established consisted of University representatives, as well as the National Information Center for Academic Recognition and Mobility.This report is the direct outcome of TEMPUS ARMENQA Project aiming at validation of the NQFA HE and its further implementation in Armenia. NQFA Self-Certification Reportcontinue reading →

Teacher’s Guidebook on Development of Learning Outcome Based Courses and Educational Programmes

Within Tempus "ARMENQA" project  a teacher's guidebook on Development of Learning Outcome Based Courses and Educational Programmes in Armenian is published. The Teacher's Guidebook is addressed to all stakeholders involved in the educational process of Armenian HEIs- teaching staff, work groups developing educational programmes and administrative staff. The state-of-the-art approaches and ways of developing learning outcome based courses and educational programmes, the modern requirements and criteria demanded of them are presented, as well as examples and practical assignments are given in the Guidebook. For the contents of the Guidebook, please click here. For…continue reading →

Workshop and training on NQF and Sectorial Qualification Framework on Education

On 1-2 December, 2016 a two-day workshop and training session were organized within the framework of the TEMPUS ARMENQA project. Among those present at the workshop were the main participants of the TEMPUS ARMENQA project from the Pedagogical University, the Yerevan State Brusov University of Languages and Social Sciences, and from the State Pedagogical University of Gyumri. The aim of the workshop was to summarise the framework of “Education” sectorial qualifications developed within the scope of TEMPUS ARMENQA project. The representative of the Aarhus University of Denmark Davud Massumi was also present at…continue reading →