Meeting of a work-group to discuss the Information and Implementation Manual of Armenian Qualifications Framework for HE

On 28 April the work-group participants gathered to discuss the final draft of the Information and Implementation Manual of ANQF for HE. The meeting was attended by Mkrtich Avagyan, Vahan Sargsyan, Kristina Tsaturyan (ASPU), Armen Budaghyan and Mary Santurjyan (YSU), Gayane Avagyan (ANAU) and Tatevik Gharibyan (MoES). Participants discussed the first draft of the ANQF Manual. The working group agreed on the final outline and content of the Manual and suggested to do some editing of the Document. It was agreed, that in future it might be improved in compliance with the implementation…continue reading →

2nd meeting with EU experts in the frame of TWINNING Project, 13-17 April, 2015

During 13-17 April 2015 another meeting with the experts of EU Twinning Project was held in Yerevan. ARMENQA team members met with experts MsBirgittaVuorinen and Mr Volker Gehmlich. The following representatives of ARMENQA project attended the meeting Armen Budaghyan (YSU), Mary Santurjyan (YSU), Kristina Tsaturyan (ASPU), Tatevik Gharibyan (MoES) and Lusine Madoyan (ARMENIC). During the meeting experts together with ARMENQA Team and the representatives from the MoES and National Center for Quality assurance discussed learning outcomes, linking the learning outcomes to ANQF, academic autonomy of the HE institution and academic freedom in particular…continue reading →

Meeting with EU experts in the frame of TWINNING Project, 16-20 March

During 16-20 March, 2015 Mr. Heinz-Ulrich Schmidt an Mr. Volker Gehmlich visited Armenia to carry out Review of the current institutional arrangement for the development and support to the implementation of National Qualifications Framework in the frame of TWINNING Project. The ARMENQA team members, namely: Armen Budaghyan (YSU), Mary Santurjyan (YSU), Kristina Tsaturyan (ASPU), Vahan Sargsyan (ASPU), Robert Khachatryan (YSULS), Tatevik Gharibyan (MoES), Gayane Harutyunyan (ARMENIC), Lusine Madoyan (ARMENIC) and Samvel Karabekyan (NCSRHE). The objectives of the meeting were to know the state-of-the art of the institutional arrangements for the development and support…continue reading →

1st Coordination Meeting and Information Seminar in Osnabruck on National Qualifications Framework of Germany and the Implementation Issues

The 1st Coordination Meeting and Information Seminar on "National Qualifications Framework of Germany and the Implementation Issues" of the TEMPUS “ARMENQA” project were held respectively on the 30th and 31st of October, 2014 at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück, Germany. As it was a coordination meeting only the project’s European (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Romania) and Armenian partners/ (universities and social partners) were participating. There were 15 Participants from Partner Institutions. The aim of the meeting was to introduce the progress and results of the project up to now, to…continue reading →

ARMENQA Workshop on Issues of the National Qualifications Framework of RA for HE in Yerevan

On June 24-25, 2014, Yerevan State University hosted a two-day workshop on the “Issues of the National Qualifications Framework of RA for HE” within the TEMPUS “ARMENQA” project. Many participants from Higher Education Institutions, Student Associations and Alumni, Employers, etc. from the relevant spheres (Physics, Law, Education, Civil Engineering and Agriculture) have attended the meeting. The aim of the Workshop was to get their feedback on ANQF and its Level Descriptors for its further integration into the Framework, as well as to raise the awareness of stakeholders on ANQF and ARMENQA project by…continue reading →

Study tour to Aarhus University, Denmark

A study tour has been organized to the Aarhus University in Denmark during the period of 4-9 May, 2014 within the Tempus «ARMENQA» project. During the four working days the representatives of the educational institutions participating in the project got familiar with the National Qualifications Frameworks of Sweden, Belgium, and Denmark. During the meetings the representative of the Quality Assurance Agency of Denmark introduced the details of accreditation process in Denmark, and the importance of having the National Qualifications Framework in the process of accreditation. Later on, the Armenian delegates of the project…continue reading →

Kick-off Meeting in Linkoping University, Sweden

The project Tempus ARMENQA (Implementation of National and Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks in Armenia) was launched in Linkoping city in Sweden on February 3-4. The project aims at implementation of the Armenian National and five Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks at national and institutional levels. The Coordinator of the TEMPUS ARMENQA Project is Linkoping University. In Armenia, the project is implemented by the joint efforts of the Yerevan State University and the Khachatur Abovian Armenian State Pedagogical University. The project is also supported by the RA Ministry of Education and Science. TEMPUS ARMENQA provides an opportunity…continue reading →