Dissemination Conference & Workshop on Issues of Implementation of National & Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks in Armenian HE in Yerevan

On 3-4 March, 2016 a dissemination conference and workshop on “Issues of Implementation of National & Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks in HE of RA” was held in Yerevan, Armenia. There were Around 80 Participants from HE Stakeholders & Employer Organizations. Dissemination Conference & Workshop agenda Dissemination Conference & Workshop photos PRESENTATIONScontinue reading →

Workshop on Development of Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks and Coordination Meeting in Osnabruck

On 2-5 November, a workshop on "Development of Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks for Armenian HE" and on 6th of November, 2015 a coordination meeting were held in Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences, Germany. The Workshop was attended by 35 representatives from Armenian HEIs and educational institutions from Armenia and 8 representatives from EU partner Universities. The main aim of the Workshop was to introduce the EU experience on the development of Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks, methodologies and linking them to National Qualifications Frameworks. The final outcome of the Workshop was the first drafts of the Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks in…continue reading →

Training on Designing Level and Qualification Descriptors in Linkoping

A training on “DESIGNING LEVEL AND QUALIFICATION DESCRIPTORS” was hosted by the Linkoping University, Sweden during 22-24 June, 2015. It was attended by 36 representatives of the Armenian Higher Education organizations participating in the Project. The first day started with the Mr. Janerik Lundquist/Linkoping University/ welcome speech to the 36 representatives from the Armenian higher education institutions and stakeholder organizations of the ARMENQA project, thus launching the 3-day training for the administrative staff on designing level and qualification descriptors. He introduced the agenda for three days, provided some practical and technical information, distributed…continue reading →

1st Coordination Meeting and Information Seminar in Osnabruck on National Qualifications Framework of Germany and the Implementation Issues

The 1st Coordination Meeting and Information Seminar on "National Qualifications Framework of Germany and the Implementation Issues" of the TEMPUS “ARMENQA” project were held respectively on the 30th and 31st of October, 2014 at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück, Germany. As it was a coordination meeting only the project’s European (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Romania) and Armenian partners/ (universities and social partners) were participating. There were 15 Participants from Partner Institutions. The aim of the meeting was to introduce the progress and results of the project up to now, to…continue reading →

ARMENQA Workshop on Issues of the National Qualifications Framework of RA for HE in Yerevan

On June 24-25, 2014, Yerevan State University hosted a two-day workshop on the “Issues of the National Qualifications Framework of RA for HE” within the TEMPUS “ARMENQA” project. Many participants from Higher Education Institutions, Student Associations and Alumni, Employers, etc. from the relevant spheres (Physics, Law, Education, Civil Engineering and Agriculture) have attended the meeting. The aim of the Workshop was to get their feedback on ANQF and its Level Descriptors for its further integration into the Framework, as well as to raise the awareness of stakeholders on ANQF and ARMENQA project by…continue reading →