The practical use of the NQFA in the Armenian HE system and the labour market is mostly con­ditioned by the existence of the national system of Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks (SQFs) de­signed on the base of the NQFA. The SQFs designed for different subject (professional) areas are unique transformation tools between the NQFA and the professional field or educational programme. Consequently, flexible subject specific (field oriented) SQFs were needed to provide transparent and explicit reference points, which define not what to teach for holding a qualification, but what a person holding the qual­ification should know and is able to do. Taking into account the above stated in 2015-2016 within the frame of Tempus “ARMEN­QA” Project, 5 SQFs were developed for the fields of Education, Physics, Law, Civil Engineering and Agriculture.

“Physics“ Sectorial Qualifications Framework