On March 24, 2016 ARMENQA project regular meeting with the participation of National Steering Committee Members and heads of 5 SQF working groups was held in Yerevan State University. Mr. A. Budaghyan /YSU/ introduced the implementation of the project’s workpackages and the timesheet of the revised further activities.
Later Ms. I. Vanyan and V. Hovhannisyan/ NUACA/ presented the new versions of developed guidelines of NQF for different stakeholders (Students, HEIs, Employers, etc.). Ms. K. Tsaturyan /ASPU/ briefly introduced the actions of Self-certification report.
Heads of SQF working groups introduced the work done after the Interim Dissemination Seminar (March 3, 4, Yerevan) and agreed to submit drafts versions of developed SQFs in Armenian and English until March 31. It was also decided to design learning outcomes based Bachelor and Master programs in the selected 5 subject areas by the working groups until April 28.
President of AEGEE- Yerevan Mr. A. Minasyants introduced the agenda, main topics and some organizational issues of the upcoming meeting-seminar with students to be held on April 8.
Then, the establishment issues of appropriate body responsible for implementation of NQF was discussed and it was decided to create a working group, which would develop the structure, strategy and procedure of the body and later introduce to the Ministry of Education and Science.
Furthermore, Mr. Budaghyan referred to the interim report of EC and its positive reaction to the project implementation. The cooperation with other Tempus projects was highly stressed and it was agreed to organize a meeting with participation of all the institutions’ representatives headed by the Ministry.

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