Monitoring visit by Erasmus Plus National Office, 24 June- 3 July, 2014

Monitoring visit by Erasmus Plus National Office of the TEMPUS ARMENQA project was conducted during 24-26 June and 3 July, 2014. As part of on-going monitoring of Tempus IV activities in the partner countries, Ms Lana Karlova, Director of the National Tempus Office (NTO) in Armenia and her colleague, Ms Ani Torosyan carried out on 24-26/06 and 3/07/014 field monitoring visits at the project partner institutions in Armenia.
The monitoring visits took place in Yerevan after the project’s workshop “Issues of the National Qualifications Framework of RA for Higher Education” with participation of general and local coordinators at the Yerevan State University and later on in Gavar State University with the university local team.

The report of the Monitoring Visit states that Project (ARMENQA) targets the Implementation of National and Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks in Armenia. ARMENQA’s wider objective is to enhance the employability of Armenian HEIs’ graduates and facilitate the recognition of Armenian qualifications in the labour market nationally and internationally.

The monitors highlighted that the project’s content is considered as a high priority and that it is progressing rather well. The work in the project helps to start a dialogue with stakeholders to create a new set of revised descriptors.
The report pointed out that the input of the Armenian leading team is impressive. Project partners organise regular internal meetings with the participation of local project representatives to discuss on-going and planned project activities. It helps in setting up a working spirit in a local team organizing several local meetings.
However, several areas were highlighted for further improvement and consideration, especially wider collaboration with employer’s bodies and other stakeholders, a comprehensive glossary for the ANQF can make added value to the Project.
The recommendations have been taken on board by the Project Management Team and will be considered during the implementation of the Project.

Monitoring visit photos