Workpackage 2: Built on capacity of relevant stakeholders

This workpackage is led by the Linkoping University, Sweden.

The objective of this WP is raising capacities of main stakeholders, i.e. HEIs, MoES and NICARM in writing and evaluating the level and qualification descriptors expressed in terms of LOs. Several trainings for the designated administrative and academic staff are envisaged to fulfill this objective.
A 3-day training in LiU will be organized where 36 administrative staff from HEIs, MoES, NICARM and other stakeholders would be trained in writing and evaluating LO based level and qualification descriptors that comply with the ANQF. Five separate training sessions with 3-days duration will be organized in Armenia (YSU, RAU, ASPU, YSUAC and ANAU) for 50 academic staff of HEIs (10 per subject area) in writing LO based qualification descriptors in Physics, Law, Education, Civil Engineering and Agriculture subject areas. The trainings will be carried out by EU partners in an interactive manner including series of workshops where the participants will be asked to formulate and write level and qualification descriptors according to the TUNING methodology. For this purpose appropriate training materials based on the specific needs of the academic and administrative staff will be developed and disseminated. The training materials will be translated into Armenian and used in producing the training kits for wider range of users. To have a multiplier effect each trained academic staff will organize one-day in-house training of 15 staff members at his/her home university. The developed training materials and kits will be peer reviewed by QEC.
Another task of this WP is to raise MoES capacity in maintaining, periodic review and implementing the ANQF. For this end a special ANQF Committee within the MoES structure will have been established. This Committee will consist of representatives of main stakeholders, i.e. MoES, HEIs, social partners, employers and student unions.