Workpackage 7: Sustainability (ASPU-Armenia)

There are several rationales for the project sustainability and long-term exploitation of its results. First of all a functioning Committee within the structure of MoES will be established, which will be in charge of maintenance and periodic reviews of ANQF and SQFs. In order to make ANQF operational it will undergo a self-certification process against QF-EHEA and will be referenced to the EQF-LLL in accordance with the Bologna compatibility verifying criteria and procedures. This will guarantee its long-term applicability in curricular changes and recognition procedures. Other sustainability components are the developed and adopted by MoES national SQF model and 5 SQFs in several subject areas that will serve as a basis and reference points for Armenian HE system in developing new SQFs and study programmes based on the expected LOs. MoES will give directives to HEIs on revision of degree programmes in line with ANQF and SQFs descriptors. This will ensure wider application of the developed SQFs and study programmes, as well as continuous incorporation of other subject areas in this process. Built up capacities and expertise of the project consortium member HEIs’ and other organizations’ academic and administrative staff will also contribute to the sustainability of the project since they will continue working in their institutions and will transfer knowledge to their colleagues.