Workpackage 8: Project management (LiU-Sweden)

The project management will be carried out at international and the national levels. An interinstitutional Project Management Board (PMB) will be established for the management of the project activities on international level. It will involve per one representative from each EU and AM institutions. The project starts with the kick-off meeting at LiU to discuss and specify the project workplan and to make amendments if needed. The kick-off meeting will provide the participants an opportunity to gain detailed information on the project objectives, goals and anticipated activities. The Board will have monthly virtual meetings via web conferencing in order to discuss progress of each WP implementation, identify existing issues and make necessary changes and amendments in the project schedule and/or activities. The PMB will have 6 coordination meetings (3 in EU and 3 in AM) during the entire project life-time. As a grant holder, LiU will also establish a Project Management Team consisting from LiU, YSU and ASPU to carry out project’s operational, technical and financial management, prepare quality control and monitoring and an external financial audit. National Steering Committee (NSC) will be established to manage and coordinate the project’s activities in Armenia. The NSC will oversee timely and effective implementation of the WPs and create necessary basis for quality control and monitoring visits in AM.