On 24-25 November, 2016 a staff training workshop was organized in Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) within the framework of TEMPUS ARMENQA “Implementation of National and Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks in Armenia” project.

Dr. Dieter Trautz from Osnabrück University (Germany) was among the participants of the workshop. Mr. Smbat Daveyan, ANAU Vice-rector, coordinated the workshop and ARMENQA project participants from Armenian National Agrarian University presented their reports.

During the first day of the workshop Mr. Smbat Daveyan and Mr. Dieter Trautz opened the session with a welcome speech. Later according to the previously accepted schedule Armenia’s HE National (speaker, A. Melikyan) and Sectorial (speaker, S. Daveyan) qualifications frameworks were presented to the teaching staff. Afterwards the comparison of the National and Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks was introduced (speaker, G. Avagyan). The reports were followed by a Q&A session.

After the break there was a practical session with the participation of 3 working groups. Each of the group made some remarks and suggestions in regard to the content of NQF and adequacy of SQF which will be taken into consideration by ARMENQA project participants during the finalization of SQF.

During the second day of the meeting 2 reports were presented by Mr. S. Kosemyan to the teaching staff members: “Formulation of the Learning Outcomes of the Course” and “Formulation of the Project Aims and Learning Outcomes”.

After the first report and practical session ANAU teaching staff members were able to describe what a Learning Outcome is, they recalled Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains and used this knowledge while formulating the learning outcomes of particular courses.

After the second report and practical session the workshop participants formulated the course and educational program objectives and their corresponding learning outcomes.

After the break two more reports were presented: “Project Content, Teaching and Learning Methods, ECTS” (speaker, G. Avagyan) and “Student Assessment with the Use of the Pre-determined Assessment Criteria” (speaker, G. Hambardzumyan).

After the first report and practical session the participants chose the right teaching and learning methods according to the relevant learning outcomes.

During the second report, principles of an effective assessment were presented, general assessment criteria were determined as well as the assessment criteria for the mentioned learning outcomes were specified.

Mr. Dieter Trautz also presented a report and replied to all the questions of the participants. He highly appreciated the organizational aspect and content of the workshop as well as the active participation of the teaching staff.

At the end Ms. Daveyan summed up the workshop.

As a matter of fact, the reports and materials presented during the workshop were quite interesting and the workshop was an effective one full of active discussions.