On June 24-25, 2014, Yerevan State University hosted a two-day workshop on the “Issues of the National Qualifications Framework of RA for HE” within the TEMPUS “ARMENQA” project. Many participants from Higher Education Institutions, Student Associations and Alumni, Employers, etc. from the relevant spheres (Physics, Law, Education, Civil Engineering and Agriculture) have attended the meeting. The aim of the Workshop was to get their feedback on ANQF and its Level Descriptors for its further integration into the Framework, as well as to raise the awareness of stakeholders on ANQF and ARMENQA project by sharing information.
On the first day of the workshop the project’s EU partner from Linkoping University (Sweden) and local coordinators, Armen Budaghyan from the Yerevan State University and Kristina Tsaturyan from the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan introduced the “ARMENQA” project and the aim of the workshop.
Later, Beeline -one of the major employers in Armenia, welcomed the event and made a presentation on the labor market needs from the 21st century angle and the labor market demand. Then the presentation on Skills for the 21 century labor market was delivered by the Chairman of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia- Gagik Makaryan.
In the main part of the workshop two parallel group discussions were held: one was dedicated to discuss the ANQF 6th and 7th levels –Bachelor and Master, and the other one the ANQF 8th and 9th levels – Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science. In both groups the participants were very active and productive in terms of discussing and presenting their positions on ANQF Level Descriptors under the proposed standards.
At the end of the workshop suggestions and feedbacks from both discussions were collected and summed up by the facilitators.
On the second day of the workshop only “ARMENQA” Project partners and few stakeholders took part and thoroughly discussed the first day’s results and feedback from the participants. Afterwards, the necessary amendments to the ANQF and its Descriptors were made and later the finalized version was introduced to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia for its final approval.

ARMENQA workshop agenda

ARMENQA workshop photos