TEMPUS ARMENQA is a three-year project of national importance leading to the implementation of National and Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks (NQF and SQFs) in the Republic of Armenia. The Project is financed by the European Commission in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy.

The project aims at enhancing the employability of Armenian Higher Education Institutions’  (HEIs) graduates and facilitating recognition of the Armenian qualifications in labour market both at national and international levels.

The project has adopted holistic approach to the implementation of the NQF and SQFs with the specific objectives of:

  • Operationalisation of the National Qualifications Framework of Armenia (NQFA) by creating and utilizing a set of legislative, regulatory and methodological bases and tools,
  • Capacity building of main stakeholders such as HEIs, students and graduates, employers and labour market representatives, state regulatory bodies and social partners on the NQFA,
  • Development of the national model and methodological basis for the establishment and piloting of SQFs in Armenia,
  • Provision of reference points, methodological basis and practical tools to the Armenian HEIs for the development of learning outcomes (LOs) based multilevel study programmes coherent with the NQFA, SQFs and relevant to the demands of labour market.