Workpackage 5: Dissemination (YSU-Armenia)

The project dissemination strategy is constructed on the multichannel approach. It will use the web and electronic recourses, publications and mass-media, transfer of knowledge, information and culture via seminars, workshops, trainings and specially designed dissemination conferences. Dissemination activities, tools and responsibilities will be shared among project partners to ensure the proper delivery of project implementation benefits to all target groups. The target audience of project results’ dissemination is Armenian HEIs, MoES, NICARM, ANQA, social partners and employers, business and industry representatives, student organizations and other stakeholders.
The first step will be the creation and maintenance of the project web-site with the project logo. It will provide permanent and ad hoc information on the project and its activities including a virtual communication platform for the project participants and the wider range of stakeholders. All information concerning the project and its deliverables will be posted on the web. Publication and dissemination of the project main outputs among different stakeholders is considered as a most important dissemination channel. The following materials will be published: ANQF Strategy and Implementation Plan, ANQF Manual and Glossary, Guides for different stakeholders to facilitate understanding of qualifications, Guidelines for SQF and LO based curriculum development, ANQF and SQFs related information materials (newsletters, brochures and leaflets etc.). The most important training and workshop materials will also be published and widely disseminated. The dissemination elements are also embedded in the seminars and workshops, EU and local trainings. Two special dissemination conferences will be organized to share outcomes of the project and experience gained. The first dissemination conference will be held in ASPU to disseminate the outcomes of WP.1 and WP.2 and to update on the current state of ANQF implementation. Final dissemination conference will be aimed at disseminating the outcomes of WP.3 and WP.4 as well as the overall project results. The proceedings and reports of the conferences will be published and widely disseminated among main target groups. Press-releases and organization of press-conferences for mass media and dissemination through relevant channels are also envisaged. In order to ensure integrity of the dissemination the monitoring and evaluation of dissemination activities and deliverables will start from the beginning of the project.