Within the frames of TEMPUS ARMENQA project “Implementation of National and Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks in Armenia” Yerevan State University (YSU) is holding a project dissemination event – a final conference “National and Sectorial Qualifications Frame¬works for Higher Education of Armenia. Achievements and Challenges” on May 17, 2017.
You are cordially invited to attend the event that will take place at YSU, 1 Alex Manoogian Str., Main Building, 5th floor, Academic Council’s Hall. Registration of participants starts at 9.30.
Within the frames of the conference the results achieved through the lifetime of the ARMENQA project will be presented to the higher education community of Armenia and main stakeholders by partner institutions from Armenia:

  • New National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education of Armenia (NQFA)
  • 5 Sectorial Qualification Frameworks (SQF) in Education, Law, Physics, Civil Engineering and Agriculture sectors
  • Strategy of NQFA Implementation
  • Handbook of the NQFA utilization
  • Self-Certification Report of the NQFA
  • 20 sample learning outcome based study programmes aligned with NQFA and SQFs.


We also expect to have discussion on the challenges and perspectives of implementation and utilization of the NQFA and SQFs by HEIs and employers, governmental organizations and regulatory bodies with participation of representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, ANQA, NICARM, RUE, etc.
ARMENQA is a three-year Structural Measures project of national importance funded by the TEMPUS programme of the European Union. ARMENQA aims at enhancing employ-ability of Armenian HEIs’ graduates and facilitating recognition of Armenian qualifications in the labour market nationally and internationally.
The specific project objectives include:


  • Operationalization of the NQFA by creating and utilizing relevant regulatory and methodological bases & tools;
  • Capacity building of HEIs staff and main NQFA implementers in developing learning outcomes (LO) based qualifications and programmes in line with the NQFA;
  • Development of a national model and methodological basis, as well as 5 SQFs for establishment of sectorial qualification frameworks (SQF) in Armenia;
  • Providing reference points, methodological basis & practical tools to HEIs for developing LO based multi-level study programmes coherent with NQFA, SQFs and relevant to the demands of the labour market.