In the context of continuous monitoring of TEMPUS Projects a meeting was organized with the partners of ARMENQA Project on 19 November, 2015 in Yerevan State University. The monitoring was conducted by the national ERASMUS Plus office, namely National Coordinator Ms. Lana Karlova, assistants to Coordinator Ms. Ani Torosyan and Edith Soghomonyan, as well as the Project officer on Erasmus : Higher Education-International Capacity Building from the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency Ms. Almudena Saenz De Miera.
The meeting was attended by all the partners of the TEMPUS ARMENQA Project. The meeting with 2:30 hour duration started with the presentation of the ARMENQA Project made by Ms. Kristina Tsaturyan. Then Mr. Armen Budaghyan made some remarks on the Project implementation and highlighted the achievements made so far by the Project Team. Then the floor was given to other participants to express their impressions and concerns about the Project implementation process, management issues as well as the difficulties faced during the Project. All the participants expressed their gratitude for the smooth implementation of the Project activities, the positive atmosphere and team-work spirit created by the Project management and participants. Remarks were made that closer ties with the labor market representatives should be established so as the National Qualifications Framework of Armenia could have been operationalized not only throughout Universities, but also at the labor market. Another comment was made, that due to the created positive atmosphere, the vast and impressive work done it would be very useful to have an Interproject coaching for the other TEMPUS Projects to share the information on how the management and process implementation are organized within the Project to have positive results and impact on its implementation. Ms. Almudena Saenz De Miera commented also that this knowledge sharing and practice exchange is highly recommended by the EACEA.
The meeting finished with appreciation words both to the Coordinators of the ARMENQA Project and all the participants of the Project for working with such a devotion and commitment.

Monitoring photos